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International DATA Safe Harbor

network file server
2 700 CZK (109,46 €) per unit for buying at least 6 months


Take advantage of the powerful 2048 bit DATA server offerings for your projects. The server is primarily located in Zurich, Switzerland, with a back-up image in Prague in the datacenter Master Praha. The client is supplied with a DATA server in Switzerland, to which he generates the access password himself. Once the password is generated and the disk encrypted, no one else has access to the files, not even our administrators. If you delete something on the DATA server, it is irretrievable, with no option for recovery. The DATA server can be restored as an image from the Prague backup if the primary location in Switzerland is not available. Still, only a client with his password can access this environment.

This service is suitable for storing documents, business secrets and other sensitive materials.

  • Guaranteed memory 1 GB RAM
  • Guaranteed place on physical disc 50GB
  • GuaranteedCPU 4x 2.6 GHz
  • Access only for the owner
  • Encrypted IMAGE backup
  • 2 TB Traffic
  • 1Gbps Port