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Web Applications for Managing Short and Long Term Loans

After years of research and development, we present a web application for managing both short-term and long-term loans. The software was developed in cooperation with the long-term dominant provider of short-term loans in the Czech Republic. The software is easily customizable for any language localization. Capable of expanding connections to national and international banking registers in Europe, Asia and Africa to assess the creditworthiness of the borrower. The web application allows a complete change of the layout and adjustment of the applicant's registration process. The software is suitable for medium and large companies, and multinational companies. Reference

Loan Organization SaaS SoftwareSpecifications:

  • Graphic web application template on client’s request
  • The applicant for a loan’s registration process on client's request
  • Connection to national and international bank registers
  • Suitable for both short and long-term loans
  • System and user exports and reports
  • Complete language locations
  • CRM system for complete management of users, loans and receivables
  • Web and server security system
  • The software can run on the Red Hat operating system with the SElinux extension
  • And many other features for complete loan management ...

Technical parameters:

  • The software can run on the server under our administration or run on the loan provider's servers.
  • Operating system CentOS 7 or Red Hat
  • Operation is also possible on KVM, XEN virtual servers
  • PostgreSQL database
  • Java 7.x
  • PHP 5

Software Provider Provides

On our servers

  • Updating the server environment
  • System security checks
  • Backup to an external server
  • Software customization on client's request
  • Professional consultations
  • Technical service

On the client’s server:

  • Software customization on client's request
  • Professional consultations
  • Technical service

Pricing conditions:

  1. License - One-time payment for software commissioning and customization of the system upon client's request
  2. Monthly software and server environment management in the agreed range

License price: 300 000 CZK excl. VAT


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