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1U server Economic+

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810 CZK (980 CZK excl VAT) / 32,07 € each
Operating system


Maximize performance and control with Economic+ Dedicated Server! Unlock unlimited potential for your projects with our dedicated hardware infrastructure, giving you absolute control over the performance, security, and scalability of your applications and websites. Count on us for the reliability and speed your projects deserve. Order your dedicated server today and take your online business to the next level!

Unmanaged 1U Server Supermicro

  • CPU: 1x Intel Xeon E3 2.00GHz (2 core)
  • RAM: 8 GB
  • Disks: 2x 250 GB SATA III, Raid 1
  • IPv4: 3x
  • 2x 100 Mbit eth
  • 100 Mbps bandwidth
  • root access
  • KVM over IP
  • Ready within 48 hours
  • Monthly / annual payments
  • Without notice