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Website Migration

For our clients, we provide free migration of web pages from the original webhost and their subsequent setting for new hosting.

Email Migration

For our clients, we also provide free migration of email boxes, including all data from the original webhost. Migration is without service failures.

Establishing Hosting

MyDreams Hosting offers a web-based hosting interface. With this system, the client can use the hosting repeatedly for multiple domains, or larger set-up options.

DNS settings

If you are at a loss with setting up the DNS record, generate a temporary password for your registrar's administration and we will set the DNS record / servers for you.


MyDreams hosting offers customized hosting services such as Tomcat, Game Servers, Stream Servers, etc. Also, a classic hosting expanded by other parameters.

Money-saving Purchase

When paying for VPS server, Dedicated server, administration, monitoring, etc. one year ahead we offer interesting discounts. Do not hesitate to ask for a discount.

Face-to-face consultation

We offer face-to-face consultations for our clients in the Czech Republic, and in some cases also abroad, upon prior arrangement.

Removing viruses from the site

When changing the webhost, we offer removing viruses from the sites on common CMS systems and setting the right file permissions.