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The location of physical servers is primarily in the Master Praha datacenter in the new server room with high-performance racks. We have fully redundant full-duplex 10Gbps connectivity to NIX and abroad. Backed up connection to the backbone network.

Virtual servers have a 100Mbps Ethernet interface and share server connectivity. VPS servers are located in an extensive cluster that provides high computing power and significantly greater reliability and availability.

The server name creation process

  1. CORE servers are named after mythic and fairy-tale characters (Mrak, mráček drak, oblak, princezna, hydra, harpie, medúza, frak, fénix, ...)
  2. SaaS servers are named by purpose. PoMMo, mailer, elearning, liferay, VPNhosting, reseller hosting ...
  3. Customers' servers are usually made up of the first and last name of the customer or the name of the email

Geographic location of servers

Location in preparation:

  • Kitakyushu Data Center - Japonsko
  • TELEHOUSE Center, New York, USA